The Opportunity
The possibilities are endless; a population of one hundred and eighty million people. A land that is saturated with natural goodness; with seasons, forgive the pun, that other nations could kill for, including the so called super powers… A land on which anything and everything  grows… a land the Creator Himself so graciously endowed.

A market that is large and daily expanding – Africa’s largest market place; where everything sells. A people that is receptive and open to new ideas and adaptive to change… a people that supports new ideas and possibilities and are adaptive to change, a people that support and uphold passionately institutions that they believe in….. A place like no other…. Nigeria…that is our playing field – our Core Market.

Our goal is to be a key player in the Nigerian agricultural sector by operating a chain of integrated farms all over Nigeria; each employing hundreds of Nigerians, skilled and unskilled, as well as ancillary jobs to marketing staff, distributors, packaging product manufacturers and numerous others.

What Majestic Farms Can Do

Our grand plan is to setup the Majestic Agricultural Hub in at least ten key states of Nigeria; which will snowball into a a massive agricultural revolution.

The Vision

The vision of the Majestic Agricultural Hub is to galvanize agricultural re-awakening in selected states across Nigeria by identifying areas of comparative advantage in agricultural production and deploying technology and resources to those areas to increase productivity and prosperity.<br />

The Mission

Creating a value chain of prosperity for rural people through hands on deployment of resources that encourages our youths, men and women to remain in their comfort zones and earn a decent living.<br />

Majestic Feeds Brand

part of the benefits of our Partnership Farmer Scheme that will engage tens of thousands of small holder farmers around our integrated farms, shall be the establishments of Twilight Feeds division for layers, broilers, cattle, pork and fish. This cuts the operational cost of our farms by 25% and will also be distributed throughout the country creating income and thousands of jobs.

The Hub

. Thousands of jobs will also be created through the second degree marketing of our products. Furthermore, there will be vast openings for transporters, food sellers and artisans in the each state such as bricklayers, carpenters and the likes.

Majestic Branded Produce

Part of our strength as a company is adding value to all we cultivate through the multi level process for both industrial and primary consumption of harvested produce. To this end, we shall process, package and brand various local foodstuffs to international standards
Majestic Farms
Adding Value to Nigeria
At Majestic Farms we believe in adding value to all that we do. From our livestock division we will process our cows, Sheep and goats. While our broilers will be processed into chicken cuts. We will also have our rice processing division as well as our tomato Puree processing and packaging division amongst others. Every aspect of our operation adds value to Nigeria and helps to increase GDP.
Chicken processing
The three common mistakes in feeding are: inconsistent feeding, overfeeding, and underfeeding. Feed is the greatest expense in commercial poultry establishments.
Cow Processing
The development and application of modern technology have enhanced the health of livestock or farm animals considerably. Some of the benefits include - high profits and well-organized livestock management.
Rice processing
By choosing the right rice seed, you will not just improve your rice yields, but will also grow crops that are more resistant to diseases, that grow in large sizes, and that reduces the impact of weed on their germination.
Tomato Puree Plant
Our team of creatives, designers & developers work to create our Tomato Paste is a “concentrated” flavour-maker and excellent basic ingredient in any kitchen.

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Cultivate * Process * Export

In our bid to Maximize the Agricultural potentials of each state, we are introducing the One State, one Crop policy. We will dedicate our farms to each state in Nigeria to cultivate just one crop, for which the state enjoys comparative advantage. We will further advice all our Partnership Farmers in that state to also focus on the same Crop. We will set up processing centres in each state to add value to such crops and export the bye products

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finished projects
Our Causes

Hunger Reduction Programme

On a monthly basis, Majestic Farms will donate wholesome and farm fresh chickens, eggs and other processed foods to at least ten charities and motherless babies’ homes to curb the out spread of hunger and malnutrition. Our provisions should be able to take care of the protein needs of the children monthly.<br />

Relief Intervention

Anywhere on the shores of this great country where natural disasters occur Majestic Farms will be working with first responders and relief agencies such as Red Cross. We shall donate chicken, eggs and processed foods directly to affected victims to help soothe the pain and sufferings of those victims.<br /> To ensure that our relief intervention efforts reach all crannies of our great country, we shall set up the Majestic Volunteer Marshals.<br />

Majestic Volunteer Marshals

The Marshals shall comprise men and woman who willingly will devote their time and energy to identify in each state areas of need, distribute relief and ensure that it gets to victims and not third parties.<br />
Beyond Profits
Majestic Farms Partnership Farming
Locally we will also fund and encourage research in all endeavors pertaining to agriculture. Our facilities will also act as study centers for the study of agriculture to help raise the bar on food security and sustainability.

Social Benefits

Once operational, our farms will ease rural-urban drift. Youths will be able to live in their villages, earn a decent living working on our farms or a partnership farms. They will also have access to various soft loans which we will provide to enhance their living and working conditions.

Economic Benefits

Naturally the economic benefits to any state we have farms located cannot be over estimated. All kinds of taxes will be paid and at least one million jobs will be created per state, recruiting youths from the state.<br />